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Wagner Araujo
Wagner Araujo
Wagner Araujo has always been involved in sports, landscapes and photography. As founder of the main brazilian triathlon website (www.mundotri.com.br ) and the main asian triathlon website (asiatri.com), Wagner is constantly in touch with the very essence of outdoor sports.
He also travels a lot and works on landscapes photography. In 2013 he won the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest with the first prize overall.
He has the passion of an athlete in his shots. That's the main reason he published in magazines such as Competitor, Triathlete, VO2, Lava Magazine, Triathlon 220 and many race's institutional publications. He also deliver images for brands like Oakley, Specialized, AquaSphere, Reynolds, Roka, Trek, Spira and others.
For him, it's more than fill the frame with pixels, it's about how to capture sports and outdoor emotions and feeling thru light, creating unique perspectives that only can be achieve by whom has already felt the same feelings and emotions.